About us


Created more than 10 years ago, our first job was a major project for the Gendarmerie Nationale (French national police force). From that beginning, our group developed around 4 principles:

MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS should be rooted in the specifics of the customer’s business. The key factors in service industries such as cleaning, personal services, hospitality, and residence services are schedule management, staff mobility, real-time quality monitoring, and user process simplicity.

TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE should be reliable and web-based (we chose Java JEE technologies). This allows us to manage information in real time, to securely back-up information, and to significantly reduce the challenges involved in maintenance. We’ve built our development framework on open source tools and user process simplicity.

INNOVATION is a non-stop process so that we can pro-actively offer versions that are increasingly ergonomic based on the latest technologies. They also comply with the latest regulations and meet final customer expectations.

THE HUMAN ELEMENT is a key factor in how successfully a management solution performs. Our technical and customer teams are deeply committed to customer relationships and are determined to provide customers with optimum satisfaction every day.



Our main goal is to support our customers
in creating or revamping their information management system.
We work with businesses who specialise in personal services, cleaning, hospitality, residence services, and more.

To accomplish this goal, we offer a fully web-based
SaaS ERP management solution
along with a range of mobile, innovative, and flexible solutions adapted to their business needs.

About us
About us


We want to be the number one choice for businesses in these industries.

We’re convinced that we’ll fulfil this ambition by
constantly innovating, actively listening to our customers
so we know what they need, and continuing our update release mechanism.


The key to our approach lies in a relationship
of trust and closeness
that we maintain with our customers.

We create true partnerships with them
so we can design software and services
that fit their company structure
and the specific requirements of their industry.

About us

About us


We develop solutions, not just tools or computer programs... We want to understand our customers’ businesses, the specifics of their industry and develop solutions that are perfectly adapted and make life easier.


For more than 10 years, we have been developing solutions for customers working in industries such as personal services, cleaning, hospitality, and residence services. We understand the challenges they face in managing their customer relations, organising their staff schedules, and constantly evaluating the quality of services rendered.


We are decidedly on the internet, in the cloud. We are passionate about technology and the never-ending optimisations that we constantly apply to make the solutions we offer more intelligent and ergonomic.


We’re determined to simplify users’ lives and make the solutions we develop engaging for them to use. We want screens that are easy and enjoyable with fast and intuitive features.


Our motto is reliability. We are results and performance oriented and we are proud to contribute to improving our customers’ profitability by helping them control costs and optimise their reliability.


We’ve created a large network of technical and sales engineers through the experience of Senef Group’s founders.


Momar founded Senef Group in 2007. He graduated from HEC-Paris’ Executive Education programme and has a degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering and a master’s degree in International Business.

He has 10 years of experience as project director for web software development companies, including 6 years working internationally (Los Angeles, Atlanta, Helsinki, Dakar, Amsterdam, and Tunis, among others). He has also worked as a consultant with large companies on managing, leading, and organising their information systems.

He’s passionate about the web industry and he has established a good understanding of web marketing and application ergonomics.He was also associate director at Neteli, a telecommunications company in France, Morocco, and Senegal that specialises in SMS and voice services.


Tariq is Senef Group’s associate director. He is a central IT training engineer with very advanced expertise in new technologies cultivated through more than 10 years in the industry.

He has worked as a technical architect in several companies, as well as in research & development departments. His in-depth knowledge and ability to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and to integrate it into Senef solutions is an asset to the company.